Farm Focus


Our Farm Focus process is a simple, but highly effective, process of having Agripath review each aspect of your business, in keeping with your key objectives. The aim is to give you access to the best practices we have observed from the hundreds of farm businesses we have worked with over time.

Assessment of your current position is backed by our experience, regional Key Performance Indicators and Agripath Benchmarking database

The Strategic Plan

Where you want to get to with your business and financial position

The Business Plan

Ensure The Strategic Plan outcomes are achieved

Implement the business plan and asses key decisions

The Strategic Planning process is focused on developing assets and resources to achieve stakeholder outcomes and to ensure the business is resilient.

The Business Planning process tests that the business is able to achieve its strategic outcomes and provides the important link between the day to day decision making and the strategic plan. Agripath back this up with regular monitoring at key decision points.

Farm Focus assists you to development of 3-5 year plan for business development, including OPEX, CAPEX and financing requirements as well as review strategic direction, enterprise choice, machinery and labour. We define the Calendar of Operations and marry this with the Key Performance Indicators. This provides a frame work for the monthly discussions.