Profit Focus


Why is it that farms in the same region, of similar size, producing the same things, getting similar prices can have differences in farm profitability of over $300,000 per year?

Over a lifetime of farming this variation equates to enormous differences in wealth creation and the ability to implement succession

Agripath Profit Focus is an interactive analysis of farm business performance used by farmers to assist in better decision making
Profit Focus compares and contrasts business characteristics to help identify those associated with business success.
It’s a management tool to help you to decide what is important in your business, understand how you do those important things now, and measure how well you do them.
Sample of Agripath Benchmarking Reports

By focusing on the profit drivers of your farm business, the Profit Focus process encourages you to ask the right questions to put you on the pathway to improved management and farm business profit. Participants become part of a regionally based Profit Focus network, where only those in the group benefit from the knowledge, enhancing the learning experience.

All production and financial information is collected and validated on farm, part of our commitment to data integrity, and remains confidential. Profit focus participants value the personal interpretation of their farm performance. Results reviewed with experienced consultants who can assist you understand how your business is performing and what you can do to improve it

By linking the physical and financial performance of the farm business, Profit Focus will help you to:

  • Identify farm business strengths and weaknesses
  • Focus on the key areas of your farm business that influence profit
  • Analyse current year and historical data to provide context and identify longer term trends.
  • Quantify performance in comparison to other similar farm businesses in a district or region
  • Identify where differences occur and understand why