The Yield Gap

Double profit from grain farming!

Profit on the average cereal grain farm is around 2.5% return on assets managed, according to ABARE farm surveys. Benchmarking by Agripath shows grain farms can make 5 % return on assets, while the top 20% of farms can make 8 to 10%.

A GRDC project on “The Economics of Closing the Yield Gap”, shows that profit from wheat would increase from $140 /ha at average yields of 2.4 t/ha to $330/ha at an attainable yield level of 3.24 t/ha. This attainable yield requires, on average, 120 mm of soil water and 150 mm of in-crop rainfall at 12 kg/ha/mm water use efficiency.

Good profits result from good farming systems, good decisions based on soil water and getting a lot of things right. Two or three ‘profit draggers’ can reduce yield by 30%, while profits go down by 50-60%. Come and discuss how to double your farm’s profitability!

    Yield Gap Workshop Program

1. Aiming for top yields and water use efficiency

How to set targets based on WUE

2. Better cropping decisions, based on soil water

When to long fallow or double crop?

Making better nitrogen decisions

3. Crop selection, crop frequency, rotations and risk management

How to boost crop margins and reduce risk

4. Making more money at planting and harvest

Plant on time and avoid harvest losses

5. Getting a lot of things right – ten changes which will help to double profit

Management essentials for top grain profits